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What We Do

We partner with communities and businesses that share our passion and commitment to improving the human experience on this planet. We concentrate in three areas: Health & Wellness, Supply-Chain Technology, and Fiber Solutions.

Nurtrium Health & Wellness

Nurtrium Health & Wellness offers an uplifting line of products that are changing people’s lives. Our new product line features a Skin Balm and a Relief Cream — with tinctures and whole plant hemp capsules soon-to-follow. Firm advocates of the essential health benefits achieved through high quality, foundational ingredients, Nurtrium is also a wholesale provider of the whole plant hemp ingredient. We are passionate about improving our health and our collective relationship to nature, simultaneously. In fact, we believe there is no other healthy way forward.

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Ingredients that deliver the true Entourage Effect by working in partnership with your ECS System

Nurtrium Technology

CoA Manager

As fierce believers in quality and transparency, we set out to elevate industry standards by developing a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) software to organize all the lab results you are currently storing in folders and emails. Nurtrium’s CoA Manager can be used with any lab, holds your results in one, easily accessible location, and allows you to tag and share CoAs within your supply-chain. Coupled with our mobile app, your CoAs are portable and easy-to-share. Now that is a conscious coupling!


Innovation that is taking the hemp supply-chain to the next level

Software Solutions

With decades of experience designing and developing corporate web & mobile applications, Nurtrium’s tech team is excited to harness our energy for the greater good — the hemp industry, our planet, and our health. Driven to create innovative solutions and to solve technology gaps within the supply-chain, we are motivated to help you, too. What technology gaps do you find limiting — LIMS, eCommerce, web or mobile functions? Contact us, we want to help.

Nurtrium Fiber

Passionate about the widespread uses and benefits of hemp, we recognize hemp fiber to be one of the most valuable parts of the plant. Nurtrium is beginning to work with like minded companies that align around the core belief that hemp fiber — in both, woven & non-woven markets — has the power to heal and revive our natural world. After all, isn’t it time we begin to work in harmony with our planet.


Hemp holds the strongest plant fibers in the world


Delivering the whole hemp plant the way mother nature intended.

Providing the purest whole plant hemp on the market.

This hemp powder is non-extracted and non-isolated, delivering organic, unaltered cannabinoids, phytonutrients, flavonoids, terpenes, fatty acids, protein and fiber — How mother nature intended. Using the whole plant hemp powder as your foundational ingredient will elevate your product line. Want a more intricate understanding of how and why? Reach out to us — we love talking about it.

Coming Soon!

New CoA Manager

In this ever changing cannabis industry, keeping up with all the different labs and Certificates of Analysis is chaos. We created Nurtrium’s CoA Manager™ to simplify this process. No more tracking down the latest lab results in folders or searching your email.  Organize and save all your CoAs in one spot, regardless of the lab you are using.

Organize your Lab Results

Organize your Lab Results

Easily share CoAs with others

One click QR code generation

Ability to add notes and tags to easily find CoA

Integrated in the Hemp Supply-Chain

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