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The future has arrived. Whole Plant Hemp is not an extraction, not an isolation.

Nurtrium products assist in relieving sore muscles and eliminating skin ailments. To learn more, check out our product-lineup.

Check out the reviews on how our Pain Relief Cream has helped with aches and pains and how our Skin Balm has helped people with a variety of skin ailments such as rashes, dryness, acne, eczema, and even mosquito bites.

Our Hemp Relief Cream is our Top Seller with rave reviews. Nurtrium’s ingredients are specifically formulated to assist with tight sore muscles as well as aches and pains. In addition, the patented blend of full-spectrum Whole Plant Hemp infused with Kava-Kava will aid in increased absorption of cannabinoids into your body.

Our Skin Balm is a diverse product that can help you with a variety of skin ailments. Quite simply there is NO other product on the market like ours. Our patented blend ensures retention of the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients found in the living plant.


Whole Plant Hemp Products for Muscle Relief and Holistic Wellness

We are passionate about improving our health and our collective relationship with nature. We continue to research and develop new ways of using our patented whole plant hemp ingredient. Our mission is focused on sustainability, natural healing and holistic wellness. Put your finger on the pulse of what’s to come.

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I’m still skeptical when a product comes along that claims to have all the properties to achieve optimal health and is also good for you. Until I found Nurtrium. I’ve been using their Full-Entourage Hemp Skin Balm for over six months now and its effect has been everything I could have hoped for! The texture and smell are earthy, calming and raw. Not only does it feel natural but it actually works! Nurtrium’s dedication and obsession to bringing me the purest product possible separates them from any other company and product on the market.

– Bobbie B.

My 15 year old daughter has been having breakouts for over a year. We’ve used several products to decrease breakouts and heal swelling and redness quickly. She tried the Nurtrium Hemp Skin Balm. Within a day we noticed the redness and swelling had gone down. Within a couple days the breakout started to clear up.

– Colleen D.

This stuff is amazing. Bought some for my son who gets a severe red rash and after a week of trying other creams, this literally cleared it overnight. Now I keep on hand for pretty much any ailment. Clean packaging and great smelling, high quality product.

– Christina

I suffer from chronic shoulder pain, especially after a workout. The Hemp Pain Relief cream has saved me hundreds of dollars from going to physical therapy. I can finally sleep. 

– Oliver S.

My 10-year-old son has suffered with an intermittent severe red rash and clinically dry skin since infancy. Early on they took him to doctors who offered endless recommendations for over-the-counter lotions and creams marketed to fight the condition. We tried every single recommendation, nothing worked. We agreed to try Nurtrium’s Skin Balm and our son experienced relief within the week. We are grateful to finally have a healthy option for our son.

– The Moore Family

I’ve been using the skin balm on my face to help with wrinkles and moisture deficiencies given Arizona’s dry climate. I can’t believe how much it has helped my face. In addition, it has helped me sleep as part of my nightly regimen. 

– Martha M.

I’m really impressed by this product. I have tried some other hemp based creams in past, but none have had the quality or the results of Nurtrium’s. I am a true believer now, and am thankful for random Instagram post that showed up in my feed and introduced me. In addition, I appreciate company’s with good stories of how they came to be, and this was another good one. Eager to check out their other products.

– Sarah

I was gifted some of Nurtrium’s skin balm and was told it helps with anxiety and helps calm nerves. I was skeptical at first, but after using it for a while, I am sold! After a long day working as a dental hygienist I often come home exhausted. I also deal with high levels of anxiety; which has been a lifelong battle. It has drastically helped cut down my anxiety levels and gives me a very calming effect after a long day at work. I highly recommend this product.

– Debby A.

Hands down the best hemp based product I’ve ever used.

– Marco

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