An integrated hemp company; built on Integrity

The most natural whole plant hemp powder on the market.

A powder that is non-extracted, non-isolated, delivering all natural plant matter such as cannabinoids, phytonutrients, flavonoids, terpenes, fatty acids, protein and fiber – How mother nature intended.

How Can We Help?


Tired of dealing with the multiple levels of distribution?

Looking for a trusted partnership to process your harvest?

Frustrated with the time it takes to vet out legitimate businesses?


Need hemp product at specific CBD levels?

Don’t have time to visit potential farms to verify product?

Looking for CoA and business verification?


Searching for Organic Full-Spectrum hemp powder or oil at a lower cost?

Want a trusted processor that can scale with your products?

Problems with ingredients not meeting your specifications?

Payment Processor

Access to a full-service CBD payment processor that reduces costs while increasing compliance.

Full-Service CBD Payment Processing

Merchant Account provided by bank in the US