Holistic Attunement: The Practice of Wellness

Holistic Attunement: The Practice of Wellness

August is Wellness Month. But what does wellness mean, really?

Just as clouds form and transform, our state of wellness is constantly changing. Altered by our biology, our environment, and our choices and behaviors.

Wellness is not a fixed-state. It is a holistic practice meant to be performed and refined ritually. An active practice of growth and change. An attunement to the needs of your body, mind, spirit, and community. Powered by self-awareness and choices made to support our wellness realms: physical, spiritual/emotional/mental (S.E.M.), and social health. As an active practice, we never reach the wellness finish line. Instead, we continually practice the things that provide us with joy, peace, and healthy results. Equally, we tune into and change the things causing us distress, illness or harm.

Each of the wellness realms need individual nurturance; yet, each are intrinsically linked to the other. A true holistic approach to practicing wellness. In our society — when we think about improving the health of one or all of our wellness realms — it is common to focus on the things we have to remove to improve our health. Focusing on the we must deprive ourselves of, in and of itself, deprives us of focusing on the joy and uplifted energy we gain when add new things into our routine wellness practice.

During the month of August, we will focus our energy on sharing tips and practices that we have added into our lives to actively practice wellness and increase joy. One such example is the practice keeping a gratitude journal. By adding in this 3-5-minute practice each day your perspectives may begin to shift and raise your joy vibration. A simple addition with huge rewards.

Adding this practice to your daily routine doesn’t require a huge production or time-consumption, either. Once you have climbed into bed, grab your tiny bedside gratitude journal and write down 1-3 things from your day you are grateful for. Be warned, however, actively practicing this daily, for even a short-period of time, you may begin to start practicing grateful thinking in your mind continuously. Increasing feelings of calm and joy throughout your day.

We will be posting our gratitude journal entries all month long on our Instagram and we invite you to join us.