Our Journey

Clayton Bried


Ryan Moore


There was a moment – you know when the clouds part and all of a sudden, you see something so clearly that wasn’t even on your radar before… We had one of those. And nothing has been the same since. 

To take you right into it – we became so frustrated hearing story after story revealing the complete lack of integrity and abundance of misinformation in the hemp industry.  We heard many stories of uncertainty and struggles related to significant gaps in the hemp industry that impacted consistent business growth. Insecurities about who to trust and how to legitimize work in an industry clouded by doubt and misinformation. We took note of the repeated concerns about, “Where do we get healthy biomass?” “What is the best biomass to use for x, y, z?” “Where do you sell your biomass?” “How do we make it easier to validate the value of our products?”

Both successful in our respective fields but each longing for deeper fulfillment — seeking to use our experience in more meaningful ways — we began to have our own beer-time conversations and envisioned ourselves building a hemp business built on integrity and doing things the right way. We also shared a desire and intention to prioritize spending quality time with the people and places we love the most: our families and the outdoors. We wanted to create a business that would truly honor this work-life balance.

Confident our combined business strengths and experiences could result in creative solutions of these complex industry problems, we teamed up to create Nurtrium. Our immediate goals have been focusing on closing some of the known gaps in the industry. Making it easier for hemp businesses to know who and what to trust, so they can begin to enjoy fewer obstacles and more consistent growth. Our long term vision is all about hemp fiber. Impassioned by hemp fiber’s potential to heal our earth through its environmentally supportive growth cycle and abundant uses, Nurtrium’s long-term goals are focused on helping prepare the markets and infrastructures to support a shift to using hemp fiber as a mainstream product.    

Last thing we’ll share about our journey is how amazed we are around the vulnerability we’ve experienced within this young industry.  It is not every day that businesses talk about vulnerability, but we share this space with so many of you who we know can relate. Throughout the years, we have been humbled to hear about the pains and adversities that helped people find their way to using hemp and creating hemp businesses. Like you, we have our stories, too. Stories of self and/or family suffering from situational and chronic conditions, and seeking holistic alternatives that reflect personal values. Stories that capture personal struggles to find non-toxic solutions for the earth, and for us all. These stories resonate deeply for us — not only because of the way hemp has given natural healing options to millions, but also because of the ways the hemp community has been so willing to be open and vulnerable. It is why we feel so honored to use our experience to contribute to an industry built on hope, support, and collaborative efforts toward improving the health of people and the planet.

Saludos – Clayton & Ryan



Deliver products to the market that are both Good for the Planet and Good for People. 

– Nurtrium, 2020



To be part of a ride that entails helping the hemp industry thrive in an ever-changing world of wanting to be better.

We’ve been working in sourcing, software integration and supply chain linking for over a decade. We have joined forces to cultivate a business focused on seed-to-sale solutions rooted in product integrity. Fully aligned on core values of: clean plants & processing, clear communication & effective solutions, and a Learn as Hemp Grows Mindset.

These values were fostered out of a mutual desire to build a thriving business community focused on collaborative relationships with the people entrusted to grow and nurture the healthiest plants. But this is just where our vision begins. Far beyond increasing public access to trustworthy products and information, we are also dedicated to enhancing the integrity of the industry, which is where our core values come in:

Clean Plants & Processing

Building face-to-face relationships with farmers and production teams. Providing them with distribution solutions that support their hard-work, increase their profits, and ensure they are able to deliver uncompromised product to manufacturers. Following these healthy products down the line, we have been able to offer guidance to manufacturers regarding cheaper and cleaner processing techniques that include higher-standard practices for obtaining lab results. Upholding a steadfast commitment to working with 100% organic farms that exceed industry standards for the most natural and clean extraction processes.

Clear Communication & Effective Solutions

The goal of Nurtrium is to bring as much knowledge and education about the benefits of this plant to the public as possible. Doing so allows others to make the most informed decisions for themselves and their families, just as we did. We are working on software solutions to streamline what is currently a fragmented approach. 

Collectively, we have a combined 20+ years of experience in sales, marketing, software design and development, business solutions and consulting, and ground-up project and business development. We are drawing from these strengths and our shared vision to find much-needed solutions to existing gaps in the Hemp Industry Supply Chain. 

Learn As Hemp Grows

We remain committed to staying at the forefront of new research and industry information. We intend to share the knowledge we gain to help educate the larger global community simply for the benefit of contributing to a healthier and more vibrant planet. With exciting projects focused on researching the vast potential benefits of CBD oils, we are also working with individuals and teams to explore the various ways the Hemp plant can be used to provide fiber- and grain-alternatives to products that will honor the integrity of our planet and break the cycle of using products that only deplete it. We are enthusiastic about both the proven and the countless potential benefits and uses of this plant — even those we have yet to discover!