This Holiday, Shop Family-owned, Local & Small!: Here are 5 Reasons It’s The Ultimate Form Gift Giving! 

Americans are known for their generosity during times of natural disasters and crisis. And, even during the current pandemic, Americans have been finding ways to give and support one another. A true gesture of “we are all in this together.” Historically, during the holiday season, Americans show up at soup kitchens, food banks, hold toy & food drives, and volunteer at impressively high rates.

However, this holiday season the pandemic will prevent us from volunteering in-person, but you can still make a huge impact in the lives of others! How? Firstly, choose to buy holiday gifts from family-owned, local and small businesses! Seriously, your choice to do so will make a huge difference for these businesses. More than ever before, consider how much they are hustling to stay open and relevant during this trying time. It’s important to give them a boost by choosing to shop family-owned, local and small.

Most importantly, buying FOLSB is such a kind and generous way to give back this holiday season. Consider these 5 benefits of doing so!:

  1. People love their craft! They risk it all to share it with us! Therefore, shopping their lines for the holidays expresses our big love and appreciation. Supporting their passion and vision, is a solid way to support the health and well-being of our communities. Your choice helps to revitalize local economies! Your holiday shopping is that powerful!
  2. When you invest in FOLSB you help create vibrant and caring communities. Likewise, you are supporting the long-held entrepreneurial spirit of America! Equally important, be sure to include Indigenous- and Black-owned businesses in your holiday shopping! Our Inclusive support is a true movement toward more loving and connected communities!
  3. When you shop FOLSB you will find the most unique and specialized products. This is a sweet way to show loved ones how much you are missing them. (Bonus: It’s the ultimate flex to earn the title of the “best gift giver!”)
  4. When you choose FOLSB it becomes the generous gift that keeps on giving! Consider this, FOLSB make neighborhoods and communities unique! They add the charm that peaks interest and invites outside dollars. Uniqueness in a town drives tourism long after the holidays have passed!
  5. You can help them help others! Family-owned, local and small businesses invest heavily in local communities and non-profits. They do this by sponsoring local events. For instance, your kids’ schools, sports teams, and bake sales, to name a few. They give to local charities and make in-kind donations with regularity. Moreover, buying local means they hire local. Meaning, your dollar to them increases the strength and closeness of the community as a whole.

Lastly, this year is the absolute perfect holiday season to make this choice! Flex your power of choice! Whether this is a new tradition or one that is tried and true; your choice makes a huge difference. And, you’re in luck! Next week we are coming out with a holiday shopping guide for you! In the meantime, we will be posting our favs in our IG stories @nurtrium throughout the month. We will also save them to highlights for you to refer back to while shopping this holiday season. And all seasons going forward!